Week 9

For the demo we were creating we originally only had one map. But since we got more map files we decided to incorporate those in the simulator as well. In order to use all the different maps I had to generalize the map-drawing function in the frontend. Because we only had one map at first, there were some hard coded elements in the code which had to be generalized. This did not take too long and since I had to wait on the backend code to check my line-drawing function I decided to make another function for the simulator, a reset button. I created a button in the frontend which, if clicked, put the robot back in its begin position. This reset function can also later be used if the robot bumps into an obstacle for example. We were running into some issues while creating the backend code for the reset button, so the reset function for the simulator is still a work in progress.

Then I got to my biggest challenge of the week, installing LCM on my computer. While one may think installing something on your computer is not hard at all, they could be very wrong when trying to install LCM. There were many issues while trying to download everything to my computer and running LCM files. Three of my fellow summer interns helped me for over an hour to install it. We had to go through my entire laptop to find the right files and manually modify them to be able to run the files it needed to. After a big struggle we were finally able to properly install it and run the files.

Written on July 29, 2020