Week 7

On Wednesday we had another education meeting. We established that two courses would be created, ROB102 and ROB103. ROB102 will focus more on pathfinding and learning the principles of coding and 103 will be more hardware oriented. The plan is that these courses will be taken at the same time so that the concepts will complement each other and they can work on assignments with concepts learned in the other course.

The other thing I worked on this week was fixing the coordinate frame in the frontend. Since the backend sent the velocity commands using the right handed coordinate frame and the frontend did not yet, I had to convert some things. The main thing was to flip the way the x and y axis were displayed in the canvas. If the frontend had not been translated to the right handed coordinate frame, the math that the backend did to create the velocity commands would not have worked. After that I also worked on fixing the movement and the angle of the robot in the frontend. This was easy to do after I converted the frontend to the right handed coordinate fram, but I just had to make sure that the robot was moving in the right direction when the key was pressed.

The map had to be redrawn every time the robot was moved and this resulted in a delay in the robot movement. I had to fix this with some help from my fellow intern. He came up with the idea to only redraw the area of the map around the robot. This caused the robot to move much quicker after this function was created and debugged.

Written on July 15, 2020