Week 10

Wow, already the last week! These past 10 weeks really flew by and our group accomplished a lot. In my last week I worked a bit more on the simulation for the demo. I created an end point and made the sim throw a notification when that goal was reached. I also tried to work on making the sim throw an error if the robot bumps into an obstacle and then resets the robot to its begin point. This is still a work in progress and I really hope I’ll be able to finish it by the end of the week.

On Thursday we had another education meeting. During this meeting one of our group members pitched his idea for how to structure the ROB103 class. This class is really meant to introduce students to soldering and maker spaces in general right from the beginning of their collegiate career. We also put some thought in how to make this class especially inclusive to women. We talked about scholarly papers which talked about little women work in Maker Spaces. Women can be easily intimidated by the amount of men in their Engineering and Computer Science classes, especially when it comes down to a class centered around hardware.

On Monday we had a “going away” zoom party with our summer interns. We talked a bit, played Codenames and Skribbl, we had a blast! It’s funny how even though you’ve never seen each other in person you can still build such fun bonds with people. A big thanks to the internet and Zoom for that one.

On Tuesday we had a big weekly Laboratory for Progress meeting where we gave a short presentation and showed the demo we made so far. Then came Wednesday, for me and a few others it was the last weekly meeting with our summer intern group and we showed our last demos. These past ten weeks were really educative and fun and I learned so much. I am really thankful that I got to be part of this experience and meet so many amazing people.

Written on August 5, 2020