Week 1

During my first week of doing research we mainly talked about what this summer would entail and what exactly we would be doing. The project would be divided into two teams; the platform team and the pathfinding team. Everyone gave their preferences and told the group what previous engineering and/or coding experience they had. I mainly have experience with software and I was very interested in how to teach incoming robotics students this matter. Especially since I worked as a Teaching Assistant for Computer Science 1 my junior year I was excited to share my ideas on how to best teach first year students new concepts. The next meeting we were assinged our teams and I was assigned to the path finding team. I would be working on the algorithms and code for the robot and look into ways on how to properly transfer this knowledge to the first year students. In order to prepair for my role I had to do some research on path planning and graph-search algorithms. I looked at a lecture Professor Jenkins sent, and did research on different planning and graph-search algorithms such as Depth-First Search, Breadth-First Search, Dijkstra’s Algorithm and the A-Star Algorithm. I also refreshed my knowledge on binary search. Since A-Star would be an important search algoithm in our research project, I put more time into looking into that algorithm in order to fully understand it.

Written on June 3, 2020